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For more than 77 years we have been the reliable partner of wrestlers and many other martial artists. We have made it our business to support you on the way to your personal victory with high-quality sports equipment. Because every success requires optimal preparation and perfect conditions in competition. With our products and solutions, no goal is too big and your victory is within reach!

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Let your dream of a customized training facility become reality!

Design your “Home of Champions” together with us and we will realize it to perfection. Whether it’s a wrestling hall, martial arts studio, dojo, MMA gym or weight lifting room – Foeldeak makes your dream come true.

Historisches Bild von Ringern, die eine Ringermatte tragen

At home in martial arts for over 77 years

When wrestler Jean Földeák (* 1903; † 1993), silver medalist at the X. Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1932, founded his own company for the production of sports mats in 1946, his initial goal was to improve a martial artist’s most important accessory, the mat, with new materials and manufacturing methods. 77 years later, Foeldeak products are among the best in their industry and can be found in training and competition venues around the world.

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Foeldeak sports equipment meets the highest demands in club and competition sports.

First and foremost our wide range of sports mats with world reputation. But also important equipment for your training facility up to a selection of specific training equipment you will find in our assortment.

MMA Gym mit schwarzen und grauen ZEBRA

ZEBRA Smooth Series

The ZEBRA brand is a world leader in the production of martial arts mats, offering modern and high-quality products for MMA Gyms. With different sizes and thicknesses, the mats are suitable for various martial arts and fitness applications. The robust and durable mats provide athletes with optimal protection and comfort during training. The ZEBRA brand is known for its high quality and innovative designs that meet the demands of modern gyms and take them to a new level.

Judo Dojo mit schwarzen und gelben ZEBRA Judomatten

ZEBRA Tatami Series

ZEBRA brand is known worldwide for judo mats of the highest quality. These mats are made of durable materials that can withstand heavy use and provide excellent cushioning for athletes. The mats meet international judo competition standards and are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to fit any training area. With their superior quality and performance, Zebra judo mats are the first choice for judokas around the world.

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Foeldeak wrestling and sports mats are used both nationally and internationally. Numerous sports clubs and sports federations worldwide rely on our product quality and reliable service to organize competitions or equip training facilities.

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