Zebra Tatami Series

Internationally unsurpassed



As a leading international supplier, ZEBRA manufactures judo mats of the highest quality. ZEBRA Tatamis meet the highest standards and are suitable for both training and professional competition use. ZEBRA relies on innovative materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to ensure maximum longevity and durability of Judo Tatamis. In addition, as an official distributor, FOELDEAK offers its customers comprehensive advice and excellent customer service to meet and exceed your individual needs.

Zwei Judokas im Kampf auf einer blau gelben Judomatte

The right tatami for every need

ZEBRA Tatami Series is available in thicknesses of 40 mm & 50 mm and in dimensions of 1×1 m and 2×1 m. There are also ten great colors to choose from to give your dojo a custom look.

Zebra Judomatten in verschiedenen Farben gestapelt
Sizes: 1 x 1 m or 2 x 1 m
Thickness: 40 mm or 50 mm
10 different colors
No tools or adhesives needed for installation
Schwarze Judomatte mit 50 mm Stärke

Extreme stability

The mat core is made entirely of sustainably recycled composite foam. A special process developed by ZEBRA holds this together permanently. The resulting stability ensures an expected product life of an outstanding 15 years!

The foam composition also has a noise-reducing and heat-insulating effect, which can reduce heating costs in the training rooms.

Rutschfeste Unterseite einer ZEBRA Judomatte

Easy care & slip resistant

All ZEBRA tatamis are covered with a reinforced, closed-cell, phthalate-free vinyl. Sweat and moisture cannot penetrate the mat core. The growth of microorganisms is inhibited by an antibacterial coating of the material. The underside of the tatamis is equipped with a waffle bottom made of natural rubber, which makes the mats extremely slip-resistant.

BJJ Trainingshalle mit ZEBRA Tatami Series Kampfsportmatten in gelber und grauer Farbe

No. 1 in judo

In particular, with 50 mm thickness, Zebra Tatami provides safety and cushioning during throwing, pushing, falling and impact and is certified by the International Judo Federation (IJF). The mat is also firm and stable enough for other stand-up martial arts. Due to the damping strength of the mat, there is no need for an additional sports floor under the mats. These tatamis are especially popular for traditional martial arts such as judo.

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