Foeldeak® Training Dummy Synthetic

High quality at super-low prices - the perfect solution for a small budget!

Application examples
  • High-grade workmanship, material vinyl
  • A more soft and flexible training dummy, elastic and robust
  • Anatomically correct weight distribution
  • Dummy with two legs in size XXS for kids wrestling
made by Suples
video MMA Team Quest
video Little boy works out
amateur sport, training of children and adolescents
for all combat sports such as judo, vale tudo, grappling, luta livre
for the exercise of throwing and turning movements, clamping methods and boxing blows
Technical data:
cover made of extremely sturdy and durable vinyl
stain-resistant black color
properly and permanently sewn, mono-stitched, seams not coverd
filling cotton and sand
The Foeldeak® Training Dummy Synthetic is availabe in 2 different versions:
with two legs and two arms for combat sports where hip and legs are allowed to be touched
with stump and two arms to practice grips and overhead throws
The Foeldeak® Training Dummy Synthetic is available in 5 weight categories:
XXS *weight 11 kgsize 105 cmfor the very young athlets (4-8 years)
XSweight 15 kgsize 130 cmfor body weight 27 - 40 kg
Sweight 25 kgsize 145 cmfor body weight 40 - 65 kg
Mweight 30 kgsize 160 cmfor body weight 65 - 90 kg
Lweight 40 kgsize 170 cmfor body weight 90 - 115 kg

* only available for version with two legs
Also included in delivery:
  • a transport and storage cover
Foeldeak® Training Dummy Synthetic
In detail
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