On everyone’s lips: Beach Wrestling!

On the way to becoming a trend sport?

… many experts and connoisseurs of the scene answer this question with a clear YES!

As a new trendy style that can be fought on any beach or beach volleyball court, the sport of wrestling is hoping for a breath of fresh air and additional media attention. The aim is to attract new fans to the sport of wrestling with a very simple set of rulesthat can be learned quickly. Entertaining fights promise excitement and action.

That this works shows the already established Beach Wrestling World Series of the world federation United World Wrestling. On dreamlike beaches in Spain, France, Greece, Romania and Turkey is already fought in the sand and staged as a summer event atmospheric. The participating athletes collect points at the respective tour stops to crown their winner at the end of the season.

From trend to Olympic discipline?

This, too, could soon become a reality. Because beach wrestling is already in the program of the Youth Olympic Games. Negotiations are already underway for inclusion in the Olympic active competition program.

If you want to try your hand at beach wrestling, you can participate in the OpenGerman Championships on July 23rd in Hallbergmoos. SV Siegfried Hallbergmoos was awarded the contract to host the DM and is already looking forward to an atmospheric, summer event.

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On the occasion of the German Championships and the increasing number of requests for a suitable fighting circle for beach wrestling, Foeldeak was the first manufacturer ever to develop a product ready for series production. After several development stages, a ring that meets Foeldeak’s high quality standards is now ready for series production. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

For easy handling and transport, the ring consists of several segments that are quickly and easily inserted into each other.

The circle segments are made of bend-resistant and stainless steel. To prevent injuries, the segments are padded with a 10 cm thick foam.

The diameter of the finished circle is 7 m.

The great advantage: even when touching the ring does not shift and retains its circular shape. This saves the judges a lot of time and effort and speeds up the competitions.