Foeldeak® CombatRoll

The roll mat with the innovative Resi-Lock Zip Connection System

  • A ultra light-weight roll mat
  • Optionally with zip connection technology - no more need for mat tape
  • Very easy to tramsport, assemble or disassemble - it can't get much easier or faster than that
  • All mats made in own production and made in Germany
  • Innovation based on tradition read more
Foeldeak®  CombatRoll
  • Super simple
  • rollable without core
  • reduced space requirements
  • assembly and disassembly are perfectly simple
Foeldeak®  CombatRoll
Foeldeak®  CombatRoll
  • Super light-weigh, Super safe
  • structure: polyethylene foam in sandwich structure (color anthracite)
  • phthalate-free
  • 50 mm thick – high cushioning effect, superb shock absorbency
  • suitable for all types of martial art
Foeldeak® CombatRoll
  • Soft & smooth - no matburn, perfect standing
  • Top surface: 100% hygienic vinyl, silk-matt (color blue)
  • comfortable feeling
  • perfectly level
  • extremely durable and sturdy
Product Description
The Foeldeak® CombatRoll is available as single track roll:
  • width of roll: 2.000 mm (+/- 30 mm)
  • length of roll: 6 LM or 12 LM
  • color: blue
  • lateral height: 50 mm (+/- 3 mm)
  • weight: approx. 4,2 kg/linear meter
  • included in delivery: strap to fixate the rolled up mat
The Foeldeak® CombatRoll is available with two different connection systems:
1) Mat Tape:
Foeldeak® CombatRoll
  • you buy single tracks with a length of 6 or 12 LM
  • single tracks can be connected with the help of CombatRoll Tape (not included in delivery)
2) Resi-Lock Zip Connection System:
Foeldeak® CombatRoll
  • you buy a mat area of defined size
  • single tracks can be connected with the help of the welded Resi-Lock Zip Connection System
  • Durable & Secure Mat Seam: The Zip’s military-strong, waterproof seal prevents cleaners, sweat, and other liquids from getting below the surface, keeping the mat fresher and more sanitary.
  • Fast & Easy Set-up & Tear-Down: The Zip Mat sets up in a matter of minutes, thanks to easy-to-manage sections and the unique Zip connection system, and tears down for transport or storage just as quickly.
  • Effortless Cleaning & Disinfecting: The Zip can easily be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, unlike hook and loop fastening systems which can trap liquids, dirt, hair and other debris.
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