New training area at the Dessau wrestling centre

Optimum training conditions for the 1st Dessau Wrestling Club e.V

Wrestling in Dessau has a long tradition. As Foeldeak, we are proud that a Foeldeak@ wrestling mat has been in the wrestling centre of the 1st Dessau Wrestling Club e.V. for several decades.

But even the best wrestling mats eventually reach their limits after intensive use. So in the 40th year of the wrestling centre’s existence, its renovation was taken on. As a result, the 1st Dessau Wrestling Club approached Foeldeak with the request to redesign their entire training area.

After intensive planning in close consultation with the club, we were able to complete the installation of the new training area at the end of June. After production and delivery of all the goods, the new training surface was professionally installed and fitted in just three days by Foeldeak’s in-house assembly team.

The highlight of the project is the wrestling mat in a grey, red and yellow design. In addition to its exciting design, this wrestling mat surface is characterised above all by its functionality. Thanks to the TL wrestling mat elements installed under the wrestling mat cover, the new wrestling mat offers maximum safety during training and is completely crease-free thanks to the innovative tensioning system of the mat cover.

The new wrestling mat area is rounded off by robust and hard-wearing floor protection panels in the entrance area. The sports floor can be used for training with heavy equipment and dumbbells and also serves as a walkway for athletes and spectators.

We would like to thank the decision-makers at the association and all those involved for their trust in us and our products.

We wish the club’s athletes every success on the new wrestling mat surface.