Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat TL with Roll-Up Tracks

Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats with Roll-up Tracks
  • The best of two worlds!
  • Our new Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat with Roll-Up Tracks combines the advantages of a classic wrestling mat with the advantages of a modern rolling mat through its innovative mat concept. Extremely quick to set up and dismantle, yet as robust and durable as a classic Foeldeak® wrestling mat
  • All mats made in own production and made in Germany
  • Innovation based on tradition read more
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats with Roll-up Tracks
  • 90% time saving when laying out the mat
  • With a roll width of 200 cm, the roll-up tracks are positioned next to each other according to the total mat area.
    With just a slight push, the mats roll themselves out as if by magic. In shortest time the mat is ready!
  • The roll-up tracks are rollable without wooden core and therefore compact in size.
  • With a thickness of 50 mm this roll mat offers high cushioning and maximum safety for the athletes.
  • Thanks to the light polyethylene foam, the handling of the roll-up tracks is no feat of strength.
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats with Roll-up Tracks
  • Proven over decades
  • Thanks to the combination of the roll mats with a high-quality Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat Cover, this new wrestling mat is also extremely robust and durable. This is a huge advantage over roll-up mats with integrated mat covers.
  • The mat cover is laid out easily and quickly on the unrolled roll-up tracks and fastened with velcro closure.
    The result: A jointless wrestling mat without sensitive joints.
  • A further plus: The mat cover has also proven itself in terms of hygiene. Because it is easy and thorough to clean without dirt and cleaning agents penetrating into gaps.
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats with Roll-up Tracks
Product Description
The Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat TL with Roll-Up Tracks is available with the following specifications:
  • mat size: 12 x 12 m, 10 x 10 m oder 8 x 8 m
  • width of roll: 2 m
  • lateral height: 50 mm (+/- 3 mm)
  • weight: approx. 5,4 kg/LM
  • color: the mat cover is available in various colors, with or without combat zones
  • surface: roll-up tracks on the upper side with carpet felt
Mat trolley for roll-up tracks
  • for the effortless transport of up to 3 roll mats
  • MDF board with 4 double swivel castors, ball bearing, 360┬░ rotatable and therefore easy to maneuver
  • 3 painted profile tubes mounted on the carrying surface of the trolley at a distance of 87 cm give the roll mats a secure hold on the trolley
  • length: 199 cm
  • width: 150 cm
  • weight: 51,6 kg
  • color: wood / blue
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats with Roll-up Tracks
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