Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll

  • Our new, innovative roll mat
  • This wrestling mat unrolls almost by itself.
    Innovative, space-saving, set up in just minutes, durable and reliable. The wrestler´s grip on the mat is improved, the click connection between the single tracks assures a reliable mat stability.
  • All mats made in own production and made in Germany
  • Innovation based on tradition read more
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats CombatRoll
  • The first wrestling mat without mat cover — Cover Free
  • Extremly sturdy and puncture proof surface
  • maximum grip - firm stand
  • Perfectly level
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
  • Innovative Resi-Lock Zip Connection System
  • The single tracks are connected to each other by the Resi-Lock Zip Connection System
  • Secure and Smooth Mat Seam
    The Zip’s military-strong, waterproof seal prevents cleaners, sweat, and other liquids from getting below the surface, keeping the mat fresher and more sanitary.
  • Fast & Easy Set-up & Tear-Down
    The Zip Mat sets up in a matter of minutes, thanks to easy-to-manage sections and the unique Zip connection system, and tears down for transport or storage just as quickly.
  • Effortless Cleaning & Disinfecting
    The Zip can easily be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, unlike hook and loop fastening systems which can trap liquids, dirt, hair and other debris.
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
  • Rebound and Grip
  • 50 mm thick – high cushioning effect, superb shock absorbency
  • structure: polyethylene foam in sandwich structure
  • phthalate-free
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
  • Easy to build
  • rollable without core
  • reduced space requirements
  • assembly and disassembly are perfectly simple
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
Product Description
The Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll is available with the following specifications:
  • mat size: 12 x 12 m, 10 x 10 m, 8 x 8 m, 6 x 6 m or 4 x 4 m
  • width of roll: 2 m
  • lateral height: 50 mm (+/- 3 mm)
  • weight: approx. 4,2 kg/LM
  • color:
    • 12 x 12 m, 10 x 10 m, 8 x 8 m, 6 x 6 m: combat area and edge blue, passive zone orange
    • 4 x 4 m: monocromatic blue
  • surface: artificial leather without embossing (soft touch) with logo print foeldeak (white)
The single tracks are numbered to guarantee the correct order so that the fitting parts of the connection system come together.
Aerospace Protectant 303 to maintain the Resi-Lock Zip Connection System
For maintainance and expecially on first use, we recommend to treat both sides of the connection system with a silicone wipe (such as Aerospace Protectant 303, not included in the scopoe of delivery), to make the snapping of the zip connector easier.
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
Perfect joining of the Resi-Lock Zip Connection Systems with the help of a hand roller
The zip connector can easily be pressed together by hand or - more comfortable - with the help of a roller (not included in the scopoe of delivery).
Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat CombatRoll
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