Foeldeak® Sambo Mats

FIAS approved FIAS approved
Application examples
  • The official mat of the international SAMBO federation FIAS - for training and competition
  • All mats made in own production and made in Germany
  • Innovation based on tradition read more
A complete Foeldeak® Sambo Mat consists of a Foeldeak® Mat Cover and several Foeldeak® Mat Elements.
Foeldeak® Mat Cover
  • available dimensions: 7 x 7 m, 8 x 8 m, 9 x 9 m, 10 x 10 m, 11 x 11 m and 12 x 12 m
  • carrier tissue 100% polyester, PVC-coated on both sides
  • mat cover fixation: velcro closure
  • completely welded
  • we don┬┤t use paint or glue
  • no staining
  • no joints
  • no metal parts
  • color: three-colored combat surface yellow-red-blue
three-colored combat surface yellow-red-blue
three-colored combat surface yellow-red-blue
Foeldeak® Mat Elements
Foeldeak® Sambo Mats
  • mat core: ultra light-weight by polyethylene sandwich structure
  • top side: gray carpet felting
  • lateral sides: open (uncoated)
  • bottom side: anti-slip layer
  • lateral height: 50 mm
  • two different slab sizes: 1 x 1 m (weight 2,5 kg) and 2 x 1 m (weight 5 kg)
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