Foeldeak equips world championship

World Championship 2022 in Belgrade

2022 World Championships in Belgrade (Serbia)

From September 10 – 18, 2022, the World Wrestling Championships were held in Belgrade, Serbia. The organizers under the umbrella of the UWW chose Foeldeak GmbH as supplier for the wrestling mats.

Foeldeak is proud to have played a part in this extremely professionally run event. The competitions were staged in an exciting and atmospheric way.

Certified wrestling mats for the competition arena

The organizers decided to hold the fights on a total of four certified competition mats. The wrestling mats were additionally upgraded by Foeldeak with the event branding.

Wrestling mats for the warm-up area

A total of four new training mats were delivered to the multifunctional Štark Arena in Belgrade for the warm-up area.

To the official competition results and further reporting