2022 German Beach Wrestling Championships

SV Siegfried Hallbergmoos hosts premiere

Hallbergmoos celebrates the premiere of the German Beach Wrestling Championships

With suitably summery warm temperatures, the 1st Open German Beach Wrestling Championships took place last weekend. The German Wrestling Federation awarded the hosting of the competitions to SV Siegfried Hallbergmoos, who celebrated their 100th anniversary at the same time. As many as 89 athletes took to the ring to compete in the sand.
Beach Wrestling itself, the matches were entertaining and exciting. Matching music sounded from the speakers and the physical well-being of the spectators was also provided.
The premiere of the German Beach Wrestling Championships showed the great potential of this still young style on its way to the Olympic program. Internationally, many federations are already focusing on the development of this sport. So also the DRB has set the course for this great summer sport at the latest after this weekend.
The fights were held in the brand new beach wrestling rings developed by Foeldeak, which proved themselves excellently in the fight. In addition, the company Foeldeak provided material prizes for the winners of each weight class.
Read more about this great event on the DRB website.
Pictures: Jörg Richter