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Hot Deal: Foeldeak® EasyRoll 300 x 150 x 3 cm
With this roll mat you can turn your home into your private home gym in seconds!
Suitable for martial arts, gymnastics and acrobatics!
Quick to set up and dismantle, space-saving storage.
  • width: 1.500 mm +/- 30 mm
  • length: 3 m +/- 0,5%
  • lateral height: 30 mm +/- 3 mm
  • Super light polyethylene foam in sandwich construction, color: anthracite
  • Surface made of non-slip leatherette with rice straw embossing - phthalate-free, color: blue
  • Mat is rollable without core - therefore little space required
  • Very easy assembly and disassembly of the mat
  • With belt strap (25 mm wide) to fix the rolled up mat
  • Weight approx. 5.1 kg

Special price: 299.00 € *
Standard price: 443.58 €
  • Freight Charges (per unit) Germany:0.00 €
    Freight Charges (per unit) EU:29.00 €
    All prices include 19% VAT.
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Hot Deal: Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat TL - Premium, 8 x 8 m, velcro closure, unicolor blue
    Suitable for training and competition
    Mat Elements new, Mat Cover used only once

  • Wrestling Mat Elements
  • In total 32 mat elements
  • Size per mat element 2.000 x 1.000mm (+/- 0,5%)
  • lateral height: 50 mm, uncoated
  • Mat core is a ultra light combination from PE-foam and PU-foam in sandwich fabric
  • Mat elemnts top covered with gray carpet felting for Velco fastening
  • Bottom side with Antslip - Lettering
  • Wrestling Mat Cover with velcro closure (Aplix K coated)
  • singel colored blue
  • 1 x Foeldeak logo
  • Fabric 100% Polyester wovan material, both sides PVC-coated
  • total weight of wrestling mat 207 kg

Special price: 3499.00 € *
Standard price: 5900.51 €
  • Freight Charges (per unit) Germany:59.00 €
    Freight Charges (per unit) EU:on request
    All prices include 19% VAT.
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